Thursday, April 14, 2016

Every Year is a New Blessing!

It has been a year since i last blogged, I know thats horrible! It has been a desire and goal to be an up to date blogger as there is so much I would love to share and I hope to finally stay up to date with this! 

I have to say 2016 has been full of many good new news!!! God never seizes to amaze me. I am blessed and loved by our creator, Jesus!! No matter what, I always say every year is a new blessing as every day is a new blessing! 

Now here I share some of my blessings thus far;

I know I've been away long, but I am happy and excited to share and announce that I am ENGAGED! That's right, engaged to the love of my life; Ismael Payes! On December 2, 2015 Ismael proposed to me! It has been one of the best days of my life! I will always cherish this date. I never expected to be engaged so soon but I always said that by 25 I wanted to be married and I know God knows our hearts desires and his timing is perfect! I know I haven't really gone public about the engagement until recently, and now that its out there all i do is think of our big day and our lives after our big day! 

The most exciting part of this, is knowing I'll spend the rest of my life with the love of my life always praying and putting God at the center of our relationship and our lives! 

The planning of our big day just got real as our wedding date quickly approaches!! It's so surreal! Seriously it is! These last months have been the best and the ones to come, I believe will be better! I am excited and nervous and anxious for what's to come and hoping and praying all continues to fall in place according to God's will! 

I Will be blogging within a week or so to talk more about my engagement/wedding and much more! 

For now I would like to finish by sharing a favorite engagement photo of my handsome fiance;

Meet Ismael Payes <3

..This young man, 
He stole my heart,
sweeped me off the floor,
takes my breath away,
he has me head over heals for him!
Ismael, he is my beautiful blessing,
my best friend; the one who
captured my heart!

UPDATE: IF you want to see more and know more, I continuously update my Instagram page with more wedding planning photos & updates on everything.
 More engagement photos to be posted on my Insta!

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