Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First OOTD Post!

My OOTD for 05.24.2015;

So let's be realistic? Which girl doesn't ever like to dress up?! I mean, for church girls it's a must! Aha, every weekend I just need to dress up, but I don't always look good! lol & this Sunday that passed I tried something new for once!

I love colour and I love to try new styles! Now I'm no fashionista, but I guess I did a good job choosing my outfit this passed Sunday! BUT it still doesn't make a fashionista nor do I want to be one! I just wear what I like! :)

I tried an all neutral outfit with a touch of blue!
It was actually one of my greatest outfits! But I'm not one to repeat outfits more than twice, maybe 3 times! But I sure think this one might be repeated a little more! I loved it & here are some photos!

This one is my favourite, this was an unexpected photo! I wasn't actually posing! & They say the unexpected photos are the best! :D

Photo Credits: Miss.Kay.R 

Blouse: gifted by my cousin Cindy Alvarez! 

Skirt & Shoes: RW&CO

Purse: Borrowed from Miss. Carol.S 

Which by the way, I invested in these shoes 2 years ago & this was the first time I ever wore them!
(That just proved I don't follow trends or season colours! Aha I just wear what I like (: )I think it's time I start wearing my best outfits as often as I can, I mean why not!?! lol

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Great outfit. :)
    I repeat outfits all the time. Lol.

  2. Neutrals are totally in. You look great. I repeat outfits too - I'm in a budget! Lol