About Me

Name: Raquel.A.G
Age: 23

Hello & Welcome to my blog!
I hope to share a little bit of everything when I have the chance to.
I hope all of you reading, enjoy my posts!

Let me sum it up,
Here are some highlights about myself;

God is everything in my life. 
I love & Live to worship God Alone.
I love my family, my friends & church.

I love to sing my heart out to Jesus!
Occasionally, I feel inspired to write my own songs.
God willing, one day I will share the inspirations God has given me.

I Love traveling, I love food, therefor, I love to eat & I love to exercise.

I love dressing up, I love style and I keep my own personal style.
Stay tuned for more and thanks in advance to all of you reading and your support!

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Ray Guerra


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