Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day out!

MONDAY, FEB 23, 2015 I made a small trip to the famous city in Ontario, Toronto with some of my loved ones! Oh what a splendid day it was! 

We got to Visit York Dale Mall for the first time! Such a pretty & high end mall! Definately not within my budget! Lol well some stores I can shop in any day! Aha 

We got to go to Moxies for the first time, food there was delicious and the restaurant was so fancy! 

After that, we headed to downtown Toronto. There is just so much to do there!

We were mainly looking forward to Ripleys Aquarium! I would recommend it to everyone! Such an awesome place, so worth the money! Seeing all those sea creatures and even being able to touch some was just crazy! 

To finish the night we headed over to the CN Tower which is literally beside the Aquarium! How sweet is that?! Very! Lol

It was a well spent day & evening with my amazing love, Ismael & My cousins; Jazmin & Giezi as well as one of my close friends Michelle M!

I got a few pictures at the aquarium to share :) (nothing fancy) 

     Selfie with this guy, my sweetheart!

           selfie with Jaz & Chella! :P

     Beautiful creatures at the aquarium!

     Having some fun with the ladies! :P

        TO finish the night! Just lovely!

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  1. Lucky! I've been dying to go to the aquarium!